healing / intuitive massage with reiki

Implementing the beautiful reiki energy work into a massage, that will ground you and bring you back to your body awareness.

Enjoy some relaxing touches combined with longer held hand poses from the reiki sequences. I will rest on areas, where I feel it is needed or you might have told me in advance, where I should lay my  focus on. 


whole body healing massage  60 minutes = 55 Euros


surfer's massage - deep tissue massage

This classical deep tissue massage offers many benefits from increased blood flow and metabolic rater over flexibility of the tissues and joints through a better circulation to a better transport of nutrients and oxygen into the cells and efficient removal of waste products..

Deep layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding the muscles) are reached and the massage is commonly used for chronic aches and pain and contracted areas.

The treatment will help to break up scar tissue and physically break down muscle "knots" or adhesion that can disrupt circulation and cause pain, limited range of motion and inflammation.

I will use a wide range of techniques,, such as effleurage, petrissage, tapotement,, frictions and vibrations, working on all layers of the body´s soft tissues, while always respecting your individual pain tolerance.

Before every massage, I will ask you about your special immediate special needs and will focus on them during the session.


back-neck-shoulders  (according to your needs)                   30 minutes = 30 Euros

whole back + arms or legs                                                               60 minutes = 50 Euros

whole body (incl.  legs, arms & head)                                         90 minutes = 70 Euros



Additional travel fees may apply depending on the distance!

full body relax massage

Basically this massage is very similar to the deep tissue (swedish) massage with also the same body parts being treated but with a lot less pressure and deep work on single areas, to insure that you can completely relax during the treatment.

Techniques such as tapotements will not be used or only used very lightly.

Best treatment to bring you into a blissful state during your holiday or as a little zen moment during your busy working week.


60 minutes = 50 Euros

abhyanga (indian oil massage)

Ayurvedic texts describe the human body in the form of inverted trees, wherein, roots lie at the top (head), the branches (upper and lower limbs), are all attached to the trunk (body), directed downwards. 

Just as the trees are nurtured at their roots but fruits are obtained in their branches, the human body too, if taken good care of, we obtain its fruits in the branches (hands and legs). 


In Abhyanga the whole body (the whole tree) is being taken care of with warm sesame oil.

This soothing massage will give you a feeling of being wrapped up and allows a deep relaxation on the physical, mental and spiritual level. 

The abundantly used sesame oil penetrates into deeper layers of the skin, where it dissolves deposits and opens the drainage channels.  

Typical of this type of massage are long, rhythmic and firm strokes along your body.


Different types of oil can be used in order to either have a warming or more cooling effect on your body.

Abhyanga is best enjoyed in the evening or on a day, where you don´t have much on your schedule.

For this particular whole body treatments you will have to be in your underpants only.

A short anamnesis in advance is recommended in order to give you the best possible treatment.


Abhyanga (whole body massage) 60 minutes = 60 Euro

Any missed appointments, last-minute cancellations, or changes to scheduled appointments with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a charge of 50% of the massage scheduled. (ie. 60-minute deep tissue massage cancellation fee 30 Euros).

dosha type determination
If you´d like to find out, which constitutional type you are according to the ayurvedic system, you can download this short test and fill it out. It´s a fun thing to do but I definitely recommend doing it before a massage, because then I can give you the best possible treatment and can also provide you with some additional infos and tips for your dosha <3
dosha type determination.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 157.9 KB


Reiki is an alternative healing art that was developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. It is performed by either directly laying hands on or by keeping them hovering above the client. During a Reiki session the universal life force energy (Ki) is  transferred through the palms of the practitioner into the patient.  It is a safe method of energy healing and it is non-invasive.


Reiki is very relaxing and can help encourage emotional and/or physical healing.  It can support you in whatever challenges you are dealing with in your life, clearing out mental and emotional pollutants, that prevent the free energy flow and bringing body, mind and spirit back into balance.


The length of a healing session is completely individual and most of the times cannot be predicted in advance.


healing session up to 30 minutes = 30 Euros

healing session up to 60 minutes = 40 Euros

just a little bit on aromatherapy...

 Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils derived from plants for improving the psychological and physical health. There are different ways of getting the benefits from the oils. You can either inhale them- e.g. diluted in hot water when you are ill, you can diffuse them into the air of your home to lift up, clear and energize your environment or you can put them directly onto your skin. You can even add them to your food. Always make sure though, that you use 100% natural and pure oils. Essential oils are gaining more and more attention again as an alternative treatment for infections, stress and to improve overall health. The power of smell cannot be denied and it correlates strongly with the human brain.


Essential oils/aromatherapy can be either added to your individual massage giving it an enjoyable and beneficial enhancement, you can have your very own massage blend put together after a small consultation or you can even buy single oils for your own individual use in your household. Please contact me for further information or book an appointment with me.


Some of my favourite oils...

- FRANKINCENSE: as one of the three gifts brought to baby Jesus, it is used around the world in religious practice and ceremony. It is also used as an incense to clear negative energy and bring good fortune to both business and home life. It is the oil of truth. It is antibacterial, antidepressant, antimicrobial, antiseptic, calmative and restorative. It works very well in anti-aging  to remove sun-spots, micro-wrinkles and it generally tightens and tones the skin all over the body, while simultaneously replacing old or dying cells with new, healthy ones ;)

- GERANIUM: this truely wonderfully smelling oil has one special feature, which I personally benefit from and that is that it helps with Reynaud´s syndrome. It is also used for female reproductive disorders, mentrual cramps, infertility, endometriosis, nervous skin disorders, depression and any stress-related conditions - the perfect allrounder to be in every ladies toilet bag 

- TEA TREE: it´s antiseptic, anti-fungal, infection-reducing, helps with acne, lice, warts and insect bites

- LAVENDER: the smell of lavender straight away relaxes me and creates one of these images of a purple coloured field in the Provence out of a French romantic film in my head. But let´s get to the benefits and what it can help you with: stress, anxiety, sadness, panic, tension, acne nervousness and related conditions, insomnia, abdominal cramps, headache, itching, muscular spasm, skin infections, wounds, cuts, rashes....the list seems to be endless

- LEMON: helps with digestive problems, loss of appetive, detoxifying, cellulite, influenza, sore throat, insect bites, fatigue, inability to focus

I have lots more of essential oils in my cupboard, so just let me know, what benefits you are looking for and I will point you in the right direction.