healing / intuitive massage

Implementing the beautiful reiki energy work into a massage will rebalance your energetic field, it aligns your body, mind and spirit and may help you to clear anxiety, trauma or negative thought patterns from your system.

Like a warm hug you will feel safe, grounded and at ease.



whole body healing massage  60 minutes = 70 Euros


laghavam signature massage

In this signature massage different techniques are combined to give you the most beneficial and enjoyable massage experience.

Some classical movements from Swedish massage to encourage a better circulation, blood flow and flexibility in the tissues combined with pressure points to relieve stress and pain, plus some myofascial release hands-on to help and support elongation as well as a general release in the deeper layers of the connective tissue and muscles. 

Some subtle but very efficient work on the energetic body will round this experience off.

You will leave the massage bed balanced, feeling more grounded, yet light and very relaxed.


Before every massage, we talk about your individual immediate needs on the mental/emotional, physical and energetical level.


back-neck-shoulders  (according to your needs)              45 minutes = 50 Euros

a shorter version of the full body                                        60 minutes = 55 Euros

full body (incl. legs, arms & head)                                       90 minutes = 75 Euros



Additional travel fees may apply depending on the distance!

Any missed appointments, last-minute cancellations, or changes to scheduled appointments with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a charge of 50% of the massage scheduled. (ie. 45 minute massage cancellation fee 25 Euros).

angelic Reiki - live or distant session

Angelic Reiki is a fast, effective and wonderfully uplifting, magical energy that encourages both emotional and physical healing. 

It can support you in whatever challenges you are dealing with in your life, clearing out mental and emotional blockages, that prevent the free energy flow and bringing body, mind and spirit back into balance.


The length of a healing session is completely individual and cannot be predicted in advance.


A healing session includes a preliminary talk, the session itself (normally between 10 - 15 minutes), some resting time afterwards and a closing talk.

Angelic Reiki works with a higher frequency than Usui Reiki, adapting to the energy of our current time. It is stronger and more effective than the Usui Reiki, therefore the sessions won't last as long.


Live or distant session = 70 Euros